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Save €50,00
Stelton / Time / Wanduhr - Ø 30 - schwarz Uhr
Stelton / Time / Wall clock - Ø 30 Sale price€99,00 Regular price€149,00
Save €16,90
Avolt  Square  Multifunktionales Verlängerungskabel schwarz
Avolt / Square / Multifunctional extension cord Sale price€43,00 Regular price€59,90
Save €22,00
Stelton / Hottie / Vacuum Flask
Stelton / Hottie / Vacuum Flask Sale price€29,95 Regular price€51,95
Save €1,50
Zusatz zur Tischleuchte - Design Moebel Sale
Fatboy / Edison the Petit / Accessories Sale price€13,50 Regular price€15,00
Nimbus Roxxane Leggera Häfele Edition
Nimbus / Roxxane Leggera 101 CL / floor lamp Sale priceFrom €599,00 Regular price€832,00
Save €4,00
Alessi  Parmenide  Käsereibe schwarz
Alessi / Parmenide / Cheese Grater Sale price€18,00 Regular price€22,00
Save €3,95
RIG-TIG  Box-It  Butterdose Schwarz Holz Kunststoff
RIG-TIG / Box-It / Butter Dish Sale price€31,00 Regular price€34,95
Save €21,00
Stelton / Emma / Isolierkanne Tee
Stelton / Emma / vacuum jug of tea Sale price€98,00 Regular price€119,00
Save €279,00
Walter Knoll  OOTA 156-T2  Beistelltisch
Walter Knoll / OOTA 156-T2 / side table Sale price€1.116,00 Regular price€1.395,00
Save €17,96
Rig Tig  Box-It  Brotkasten
Rig Tig / Box-It / Breadbox Sale price€59,99 Regular price€77,95
Save €8,00
Outdoor Leuchte Dimmbar Warmes Licht Kaltes Licht Akku  Edit alt text
Fermob / Balad / Glow / small Sale price€89,00 Regular price€97,00
Save €141,00
Walter Knoll Oki 131 -T2 Beistelltisch Bronze
Walter Knoll / Oki 131-T2 / side table bronze Sale price€564,00 Regular price€705,00
Save €176,00
Walter Knoll / Joco 130-T1 / Beistelltisch bronze
Walter Knoll / Joco 130-T1 / side table Sale price€705,00 Regular price€880,00
On sale
Walter Knoll / Oki 131-T3 / Beistelltisch bronze - Design Moebel Sale
Walter Knoll / Oki 131-T3 / side table bronze Sale priceFrom €626,00 Regular price€784,00
On sale
Stelton / To Go Click 0,4l / Isolierbecher
Stelton / To Go Click 0.4l / vacuum mug Sale priceFrom €31,00 Regular price€34,95
Save €231,00
Walter Knoll / Oota 156-T1 / Beistelltisch
Walter Knoll / Oota 156-T1 / side table Sale price€927,00 Regular price€1.158,00
Save €173,00
Walter Knoll  OKI 131-T4  Beistelltisch bronze
Walter Knoll / Oki 131-T4 / side table bronze Sale price€694,00 Regular price€867,00
SMEG  Toaster
SMEG / Toaster Sale price€169,00
On sale
Signet  Zapallo schwarz Hocker Stoff
Signet / Zapallo / Stool Sale priceFrom €257,00 Regular price€285,00
Save €2,95
Stelton / Cheese-it / Käsereibe Grau
Stelton / Cheese-it / Cheese Grater Sale price€27,00 Regular price€29,95
Save €25,00
Smeg Standmixer
SMEG / Blender Sale price€224,00 Regular price€249,00
On sale
Stelton Emma Isolierkanne grau
Stelton / Emma / vacuum jug of coffee Sale priceFrom €79,95 Regular price€119,00
Save €9,95
Stelton / Birdie / Wanduhr Edelstahl Beschiedet Schwarz
Stelton / Birdie / Wall Clock Sale price€45,00 Regular price€54,95
Save €70,00
Artemide  Tolomeo Mini  Tischleuchte Aluminium
Artemide / Tolomeo Mini / table lamp Sale price€265,00 Regular price€335,00
Save €6,95
Stelton / Roll-It / Küchenrollenhalter - Design Moebel Sale
Stelton / Roll-It / kitchen roll holder Sale price€36,00 Regular price€42,95
Save €8,00
Skandilock Maori Lammfell Weich Schwarz
Skandilock / Maori / Lambskin Sale price€124,00 Regular price€132,00
Save €1,70
Alessi / Glass Family / Rotweinglas
Alessi / Glass Family / Red wine glass Sale price€6,80 Regular price€8,50
Save €1,90
Alessi / Glass Family Weinglas / Weinglas
Alessi / Glass Family wine glass / wine glass Sale price€7,60 Regular price€9,50
Save €16,00
SMEG Handmixer
SMEG / hand mixer Sale price€143,00 Regular price€159,00
Save €49,05
Stelton / Take Away / Tablett Serviertablett
Stelton / take away / serving tray Sale price€99,95 Regular price€149,00
Save €2,95
Rig Tig  Shake-it  Dressing Shaker Schwarz Glas
Rig Tig / Shake it / Dressing Shaker Sale price€26,00 Regular price€28,95
Save €20,00
Pappelina  Wendedecke  Ylva Weich
Pappelina / Reversible Blanket / Ylva Sale price€181,00 Regular price€201,00
Save €67,00
Nimbus / Roxxane Fly / Leuchte Akku Magentisch  Weiß Dimmbar
Nimbus / Roxxane Fly / lamp / white Sale price€265,00 Regular price€332,00
Save €10,00
SMEG Wasserkocher Mini
Smeg / Kettle Mini Sale price€119,00 Regular price€129,00
Sold out
Walter Knoll /  ANDOO LOUNGE / Sessel
Walter Knoll / ANDOO LOUNGE / Sessel Sale price€3.623,00 Regular price€5.075,00
Sold out
Thonet / S 32 V Pure Materials / Freischwinger Stuhl
Thonet / S 32 V Pure Materials / Freischwinger Stuhl Sale price€650,00 Regular price€1.113,00
Save €29,05
Stelton / Amphora / Wasserkocher
Stelton / Amphora / Wasserkocher Sale price€99,95 Regular price€129,00
Save €8,96
Stelton / Amphora / Isolierkanne Kaffee schwarz
Stelton / Amphora / Isolierkanne Kaffee Sale price€60,99 Regular price€69,95
Sold out
Vitra / S.A.M. Bois / Tisch
Vitra / S.A.M. Bois / Tisch Sale price€4.990,00 Regular price€6.330,00
Save €7,00
Alessi / EAT.IT / Risottoservierlöffel
Alessi / EAT.IT / Risotto serving spoon Sale price€19,00 Regular price€26,00
Save €22,00
Alessi / Double / Schale klein
Alessi / Double / bowl small Sale price€86,00 Regular price€108,00
Sold out
Walter Knoll 369 Sessel Stoff rot
Walter Knoll / 369 / Armchair Sale price€1.230,00 Regular price€1.727,00
Walter Knoll OKI Beistelltisch Dunkelgrau
Sold out
Andoo Sessel Walter Knoll
Walter Knoll / Andoo / Armchair Sale price€3.403,00 Regular price€5.434,00
Save €127,00
Walter Knoll Oki Beistelltisch in Bronze
Walter Knoll / Oki 131-T1 / side table bronze Sale price€499,00 Regular price€626,00
Save €20,00
SMEG  Milchaufschäumer Weiß
SMEG / milk frother Sale price€179,00 Regular price€199,00
Save €20,00
SMEG Wasserkocher
SMEG / kettle / matt, gold, silver Sale price€179,00 Regular price€199,00
Save €8,95
Rig Tig Cool It Wasserkaraffe schwarz-frei
Stelton / Cool-It / water carafe Sale price€29,00 Regular price€37,95
Save €4,95
Salatbesteck Servierbesteck Stelton Hoop Holz
Stelton / Hoop / Salad Servers Sale price€38,00 Regular price€42,95
Save €10,95
Stelton / Theo / Teekanne Schwarz
Stelton / Theo / Teapot Black Sale price€99,00 Regular price€109,95