Relax & Recharge: Focus on sustainability, comfort and flexibility outdoors

Relax & Recharge: Nachhaltigkeit, Komfort und Flexibilität draußen im Fokus

With the onset of spring 2023, the focus is on combining comfort and aesthetics to create a harmonious and stylish outdoor space. Being able to relax outdoors and enjoy nature will continue to play an important part in our lives. This blog post shares the latest outdoor garden furniture trends to expect in 2023.

Sustainability is an important trend that will become increasingly important in the outdoor sector in the coming years. Consumers are increasingly concerned that their furniture is made from environmentally friendly and durable materials. Particularly sustainable materials such as recycled wood and metals as well as biodegradable fabrics such as bamboo, linen and hemp are preferred. These materials offer a warm and welcoming atmosphere that is perfect for outdoor use.

In addition to design and sustainability, comfort will also play an important role in 2023. Outdoor furniture will be designed in such a way that it not only looks beautiful, but also allows for a cozy and comfortable sitting position. Soft cushions and upholstered seats ensure a relaxed atmosphere.

Daybed AFRA by Paola Lenti

Cassina's innovative spirit in the outdoor area: an oasis in the garden

Cassina and its design can also be found outside of the house. The focus is on unusual and characteristic approaches, which are characterized by strong materials, textures and high-quality surfaces.

In the garden there is a kind of transition between the carefully designed architecture and the exotic vegetation. Here one can rediscover a genuine connection to the environment and celebrate respect, strength and well-being. Robust sofas and chairs with organic, original shapes and clearly visible details offer comfort that becomes a sensual experience.

The small, private paradise is conquered by wild nature, eclectic furnishing compositions become poetry made of wood, metal and fabrics. Vibrant contrasts between dimensions and volumes are accentuated by geometric jacquard patterns. The collection includes a multitude of objects that share a language that is always coherent and original.

Oasis of well-being: Trampoline sofa & armchair, Bowy side table by Cassina

Bold colors and patterns: how to make the garden shine

In terms of design, organic shapes and flowing lines are very popular. Geometric patterns and graphic elements can also be used to create a modern and minimalistic look. Outdoor furniture should also be functional and multifunctional to make the most of the limited outdoor space.

Bold colors and bold patterns are also a trend in 2023. The furniture is offered in bright colors like green, yellow and orange to make the garden more lively and cheerful. Patterns like stripes, dots, and flowers will also play a big part in creating an appealing aesthetic.

Refreshing: pool area with "Tropicalia" sun loungers from Moroso

In summary, sustainability, natural materials, comfort, flexibility, bold colors and patterns will be the key trends for outdoor garden furniture in 2023. These trends will help people feel even more comfortable in their gardens and patios and get the most out of their outdoor space.

You can order all of the products presented from us and thus give your outdoor area a very personal touch. We look forward to helping you create the perfect garden or patio area.

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